Prayer Chain
Last updated on February 6, 2020 at 8:19:57 AM

This a a time of great concern and anxiety for family and friends of those serving in harm's way. Please pray for all who are serving and those who love them.

Let us pray for…

David Erwin; Kana Erwin; Jennifer; Shirley Frost & Ed; M.E. Clark; Cameron Gunn; Robin Townsend; Don Marks & family (Alzheimer’s & Cancer); Heidi Decker (breast cancer); the Dalton Family; Ashton, Cathi Proulx’ grandson (cystic fibrosis); Dexter Jackson; Ryley Brochu (degenerative genetic condition); Jim Crouthamel (difficulties); Bob St. Ours, the Martin’s brother-in-law; Barbara Kelley (Cancer); Julie Kienitz; Betsy Cummings (cancer), Sterling & Irene Mills, Tammy Hoy’s sister & parents; Rev. Lowell Timm;  Charlie Allen; Elizabeth Haak; Sandro & Hope Roncan (missionaries); Peter Buck (neurological symptoms); Pastor Butch Lawler (brain tumor), related to Nancy Taylor; Sally Conant (lungs); Fritz Miller, Roland Miller’s brother; Herman & Carole Gatchell; Keith Playmann (colon cancer); Anita Stevens (kidney); Jane Noble (kidney) & Lennie Wing, Jeanine Theroux, and Ronnie Linda Clark’s sister, brother-in-law and cousins; Amy, Senja Grover’s granddaughter (cancer); Theresa (MS); Lucie; Stephanie; Alma Barth, Rev. Barbara Barth’s mother; Karen Flynn; Gerda, Stella’s mother; Laurie Bancroft (Munier’s disease), Roland Miller’s sister; Don Martin; Carol, Sally Conant’s sister; Leslie (cancer); Amanda and family; Dan Chretienne; Alan Farrington (Ca); Ron and Pam Riml; McKalla Pulk; Myra Thistle & family (hospice); Frank & Donna Berry; LuAnn Levitre (ankle); Robin Wooster (chemo); John & Judy (Ca), friend of the Bucks; Karen Riml; Connie Burgess (Ca), Curt and Chris Koch, Cindy Cargile’s sister and brothers; Nancy Gunn; Alicia, Cathy Proulx’ daughter; Cindy Cargile (hip replacement); Christine Morin; Seth; Mark Hahnel; Bunny Wiggin; Sherri McKay; Merton Conant (injuries); Melissa (nee Norman); Martin Schulze (heart surgery); Pat Bruinsma; Robin; and Barb Flatt (Andy's mother).