Prayer Chain
Last updated on June 1, 2024 at 5:13:48 AM

This a a time of great concern and anxiety for family and friends of those serving in harm's way. Please pray for all who are serving and those who love them.

Let us pray for…Bill Dumont; Mother Barbara; Hellen; Stephanie; Sam Adell; Diane; Tammy; Robbie; Linda; Linda Barnett; Brent; Diane Aubrey; Diane Lessard; Bernadette Burbeula; Pat Clement; The family and friends of Jeff Haak; The family & friends of Irene Frechette; Seth Meyer; Pearl & Ray; Charlie Hoy; Diedre & Peter (friends of Dianne); Pastor Len; Jane McGuire; Sally & Merton; Court St Baptist Church; Judy Joernigan; Christopher & Liz; Ezekiel; Carmel Morin; Charlotte; Kim; Monica; Matt; Ed Frost: M. E. Clark; Cameron Gunn; Don Marks; Ashton; Julie Kienitz; Charlie Allen; Mindy; Lennie Wing; Jeanine Theroux; John & Nancy Troop; Abbie Guilford; for all the people of Ukraine, Israel, Palestine and in all war-torn and food-scarce areas in the world, and for all who are ill, grieving or suffering in any way.

Our prayer list from 2020 is no longer available. If someone needs to be on it, please message Cathi Proulx or Stephanie Cargile.